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Areas of Practice

Divorce & Family Law

Our philosophy is that the marriage relationship is sacred.  It is literally a covenant between you, your spouse and God.  It is a relationship which is intended to be “for better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness, and in health; until death do us part”.  Learn more

Juvenile Law

There are many different aspects of Juvenile Law.  Our firm represents parents as well as the minor children in adoption and delinquency cases or when there are allegations of abuse or neglect which are being pursued by the State of Missouri.  Learn more

Personal Injury

When we think of a personal injury case, we naturally think of an automobile or truck accident. While these accidents occur frequently, they are only a portion of the personal injury cases pursued through our courts every day.  Serious injury can also occur while using faulty or defective equipment or when someone around us is careless or negligent.  Learn more

General Services

Civil Litigation comprises many different areas under the law including contract agreements and disputes, lawsuits, traffic violations, criminal matters, power of attorney, wills and health declarations for end of life care. Our law firm can handle any legal issue which may arise in your business or personal life. Learn more